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Welcome to Inox Fasteners, Southampton, UK.

We were one of the very first of the fastener companies online back in 1996. A lot has changed since then, now there are many dozens of companies on the web and on ebay selling stainless steel fasteners – some have even adopted variants of our name yet Inox Fasteners in Southampton UK continues to offer the best overall range of stainless steel fasteners, finishing options and a unique range of exclusive products all manufactured here in the UK.

Some of the products we sell can be bought elsewhere but many people prefer to come to us for them, apart from our attention to detail and quality we understand the product, the requirements of our customers and are one of the few companies in our industry  specialising in products centred around the needs of the motorcyclist and the motorcycle restorer, you will have seen our products featured in rebuilds and custom projects on Sky TVs Men and Motors and in publications like Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics, Streetfighters and others.

Whether you are after just a single standard metric bolt, a complete system kit of fasteners for an entire rebuild or UK CNC manufactured raised head hexagon bolts, we are the one stop shop for quality stainless fasteners and associated items for Japanese and Continental motorcycles of all types and age and to suit all budgets.

All our prices are VAT inclusive and everything we sell can be ordered individually - we don’t expect you to take multiples of even the smallest of items and we don’t believe in ambushing you with a VAT add on when you come to order - as mentioned earlier many people prefer to deal with us over and over as somebody said ... “we sell products which don’t come back to people who do” and we very much look forward to having the opportunity to welcome you too!