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Assortment Packs

You don’t have to look very far nowadays to find people auctioning or offering cheap packs of bulk stainless steel fasteners. For some requirements and expectations they are fine and do the job, however we don’t put any chipped washers and misshapen or under spec fasteners in any of our kits, the quality of our assortment packs is exactly the same as that of the rest of our product range.

In addition to the guarantee of quality most of our assortment packs are designed and specified with common motorcycle fastener sizes in mind and in addition quantities of nuts and washers supplied in these packs are in reasonable proportion to the number of screws and we clearly state the number of individual screw types in each pack. If you require all or any part of your kit polished then no problem the option is available.

Please remember though if you want a screw pack specifically for your bike visit the Kit Systems section.

One final thing we don’t just throw everything into a plastic tub or jiffy bag all our kit systems are packed in plastic resealable bags - all the different screws, washer and nut diameters are separated so you find what you need quickly. If you order bright polished hexagons each piece is tissue wrapped.

Please note some of these packs are very heavy and include the freight charge for UK delivery.