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Double Ended Studs

Stainless Double Ended Studs

DIN 939

Many motorcycle engine to frame fasteners require bolts too long to replace in stainless as most stainless manufacturers don’t produce bolts longer than about 250mm. For customers requiring M8 bolts longer than about 150mm or M10 and M12 bolts longer than 250mm we supply studs produced from T303 Round Bar with die cut threads 15-17mm each end including flat washers and your choice of either nylon insert nut supplied as standard or Aerotight metal locknut if you prefer.
When ordering length of stud required please supply EITHER the absolute length ie the stud length required OR specify the length of the bolt the stud is to replace [measured from under the head] and we will do the rest.

Note all Double ended studs are cut and threaded to individual order