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We understand many people want fasteners out of the box fitted as soon as possible and forgotten about but we also understand that for an ever increasing number of our customers finish is important, in fact for some customers it can be everything so we even offer a choice of up to four surface finishes to cater for all requirements:

Mill finish

This essentially means as supplied to us generally accepted as a ‘standard’ finish.

Fine Machined finish

This is the standard as manufactured finish of our CNC machined products.

Electropolished Finish

Electropolishing removes a few microns of the surface to typically impart a bright but not necessarily a mirror reflective finish – original mill markings will remain.

Excellent for traditionally difficult to finish items such as washers and socket heads as the process treats the inside of the socket recess – no mechanical polishing method can achieve this.

All button heads 4mm in diameter & Socket capscrews 10mm and larger in diameter supplied by us are electropolished as standard. Note items such as Nylon insert nuts, 8mm wide hoseclips and fasteners smaller than 3mm diameter cannot be reliably electropolished.

Bright Polished Finish

We use a unique combination of linishing and various cutting processes to impart a mirror like reflective finish on the faces of Hexagon Heads and Dome nuts. Please note we cannot bright polish hexagon faces.

Dual Polished finish

The ultimate finish for Socket Caps and Button Heads as the name suggests ‘dual polishing’ is a combination of electro and bright polishing. In practice it means the inside of any socket recess is brightened and the face of the socket linished and then bright polished.

Quality Assurance

All Bright and Dual polishing orders are completed to show standards and each fastener is individually hand wrapped in tissue to ensure the finish is not damaged in transit and arrives in perfect condition.

When ordering any of our fasteners using our online shopping cart system the finishing option[s] available for the product will automatically appear as options.

Please note we will only polish material purchased from us and significant volumes of polishing will extend the length of time it can take to dispatch your order.