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We are almost in our fourteenth year of supplying Earls stainless replacement hydraulic brake & clutch lines. Despite their competition [many of who use significantly cheaper materials] in our opinion Earls still deliver unsurpassed material quality and manufacturing standards as well as the short lead times many of our customers demand - at a fair price.

The graphic at the top of the page shows a couple of examples of ‘swaged’ hose ends and this is the standard product we provide. Using a hose with swaged ends means the days of having to align the banjos or end fittings before it can fitted are long gone. You route the hose and simply twist each end into position and fix the banjo bolt – that’s it!

Not only are the end fittings superior to the traditional ‘reusable’ type but the hose itself comes prefinished therefore a far superior choice of finish can be provided. As there is no need for a manually applied heat shrink the overall finish is even neater and more pleasing than ever. You can view examples of this below (click for larger images).

Price includes banjos or appropriate hose end fitting but not banjo bolts or any special [eg adaptor or reducer] fittings. Please supply the model details and year of your bike when you order as well as the number of lines required. If you would prefer to email us your bike details so we can tell you exactly what to order no problem please use the form below if you need to order a system to a custom specification.

Custom Specification

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