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Fastener Kit Systems

Outer Engine Cover screw kits [aka Crankcase Kits]

Typically the mild steel plated screws fastening the outer engine covers to the crankcase are some of the first to corrode and because often they are arguably some of the most obviously visible fasteners on the bike, the first many people decide to replace.

Our outer engine cover fastener kits are prepacks designed to replace the horizontally fixed screws in the outer engine covers typically alternator, points/ignition, clutch and chain/drive covers. The screws supplied as standard in these packs are Socket Cap screws more commonly known as Allen Heads. There is good reason this is the fastener of choice, please see the last 2 paragraphs of this section.

In order to give our customers a unique choice these kits can be supplied in three choices of finish – plain or ‘mill’ finish, electropolished or ‘dual polished’. Both electropolished and dual polished finishes are unique to Inox Fasteners here in the UK nobody else will offer you the choices - see our finishing section links to the lower left and the bottom of this window.

The electro polished price is shown for each model,to go straight to the outer engine cover kit menu click here
if you require an outer engine cover kit dual polished please go to the Product Information section to either the lower left or the bottom of this window and use the enquiry form below and we will advise the premium payable.

If the model you are looking for is not listed again please go to the enquiry form below and we will do our best to put one together for you as soon as we can.

Customers with later bikes who require replacements for the small zinc plated flanged headed hexagons rather than the cross head pan screws can also select from our unique range of M6 Raised Headed screws designed specifically for the purpose, again please use the enquiry form below and we will we will advise the premium payable.

So why do we not offer stainless posi pan screws in these kits to look like many of the originals? Two reasons – first the Japanese posi screws have a smaller diameter screw head than the stainless posis used by the rest of the world so fitting screws in tight casting recesses in brittle sometimes decades old alloy can be a major problem. Second, the maximum available length of a commercially available 6mm posi pan is 50mm. Many outer engine cover sets require at least some screws in excess of this length so we would typically be unable to offer a full set even if the head diameters did not pose an issue.

BEWARE there are some companies claiming to sell stainless cross head pan screws replicating perfectly the head diameter of the original. Make sure you check all of the lengths are available because as we understand it often the longer lengths aren’t!!

Full Kit Systems

Full Kit Systems are a range of pre packed fasteners exclusive to us at Inox Fasteners. The product is designed for restorers or customers needing to replace corroded fasteners beyond the outer engine covers in areas such as yokes, carburettors, engine to frame, mudguards and suchlike. Each model is broken down into a series of kits completely covering the bike with the products featured on this website. The product is convenient, unique and extremely good value for money even more so when you consider the pre pack nature of the product takes away the hassle and nuisance of having to measure and count the screws.

In addition the kit system concept is about flexibility; you can replace the fasteners in an area of the bike a bit at a time buy the whole lot in one go, you can even order kits without specific items if you already have them - you can take advantage of our unique range of finishing options and order the all or just specific items polished if required. Each kit is picked and packed individually to go straight to the outer engine cover kits section click here

We have shipped many hundreds of kits over the years, mostly to customers restoring and running older machines - if you would like us to produce a fastener kit system for your bike be it an unlisted older machine or a bike of a more modern design please let us know using the enquiry form below. We will check the availability of the parts information required to produce what you are looking for and advise you of pricing and any options available.

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